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About Living Abroad (Again)

  So, even though I promised to keep my blog updated, it seems like hard to keep it like that, since I'm just too addicted to other activity (e.g. Dota). But anyway, I just stumbled upon this one great blog post from my Facebook timeline, reminding me of one of my post months ago (well, one and a half year ago). You can see the post here . This time's post is similar, but this one was made by fellow Indonesian who (maybe) done his study. I took it from here and decided to repost it and highlight some point that I (somehow) extremely agree with. So, Enjoy! How an Indonesian Diaspora Feels Like when Going “Home” for Holiday By :   Rahardhi Pradhana Jakarta –  You unbuckle your seatbelt, even when the pilot tells you not to unless the plane has completely stopped moving. (can't agree more, screw those rules) “Dear passengers, welcome to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The time in Jakarta is…” You know the lines by heart, you’ve heard it so many times before.