23: A Self Reflection (of The Insecure One)

New Year always be another new milestone because it isn't only the change of year, but also the change of my age (yeah I know I know). So it kind of a packed reflection moment for me; since many people tried to make another new resolution for the following year, despite bunch of previous year's resolutions left unresolved :p

But anyway, this year was hella' ride, so many new things I've done, met so many people, learnt so many things, played so many hours of dota, indeed was quite one good year! :D Compared to the previous year, this year is like the time for me to apply my language skill, and my common knowledge about everything.

 To be more specific, this year I started part time as an interpreter of some farmer from Indonesia sent to Japan to learn about agriculture (you don't say). I travelled to many places I've never seen and I even never thought I will visit! (Wakayama, Fukui, Aichi) I came to see that there are many Indonesian farmer struggling on agriculture, trying to be more innovative by days, despite the lack of facility they have. Once they returned to their home, the 1 year experience they got from here should be useful in near future, I hope. I also saw the real agriculture of Japan (plus the one I tried myself when I was in Hokkaido), I saw a lot of hills covered with mikans (Japanese orange), a hell wide paddy field, a delicious fresh picked tomato, a Japanese farmer that has 30+ ha of land he cultivate alone. Just. Wow.

This year I also started to be a tour guide. I got the job from one of my senior, and surely I'd like to thanks him for introducing me the job. I will later talk about the job more specifically in other post, but for the big picture, being a tour guide is a pleasant experience. You got to see other people's behaviour, habit, inside family's interaction (this one is what I like the most), what they fond of, something like that. For me that (somehow) want to know many things, that could be fun and interesting, and also the pay is good :p I got to go to places i never went before, which challenge me; are you worth the pay? lol. Because of this part time, I managed to save a plenty of money, an amount i was never could imagine I could save in less than a year. Simply, amazing.

This year was my second year working at Curry Restaurant and being announcer of Radio PPI Dunia. Both challenged my seriousness and commitment, since I rather be easy to be bored person (and yes, lately I got bored of those two routine :p) Coming to 2nd year of it, gives me more specific knowledge on it, enhancing my micro method, which is good and nice thing :p

Overall, 23 made me think and feel insecure; it always come to the question "what have you done after all these times". I did regret many things, it felt like this year passed too soon. I played to many Dota (there I admit it :p), I slept too much, I slept too late, I ate too much, I exercised less, I got angry easier, I got a bit cocky, and so on and many more it bothers me a lot. I need to do some shit! But again, after a moment of clarity I will stuck in a circle of net-game-eat-sleep-part time (sad). The next year should provide me much more challenge I should conquer, the time to the real world will draw near, and I should be getting ready for it. I will make my thesis, save more money (:p), passed to Master degree, get a decent scholarship, marry my love of life, and so. Too many slacking off won't make me nearer with those target, so ME, Wake Up!


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