Story Telling

Looking back at this year, I saw that I got inspired a lot by many internet (especially YouTube) personalities, such as Casey Neistat, Sara Dietschy, the guy at Unboxing Therapy, Mancuso guy with his Awkward Puppets, Schomoyoho, Ryan Higa and friends, and so many other YouTuber out there. It's like, they're living their dream, doing what they love, or even better, afford their living by doing what they love!

I've came to realization that the power of story-telling is enormous, something that I think, I'm suck at. I can't really tell other about this idea I want to share, and tends to end with tangled story. Sad, sad lyf. But hey, I believe that there is no late for learning and achieving isn't there? I always moved by this one of my friend who were a good story teller since junior high until now, and what I know I'm lacking is, I read less than him. So what I'm gonna do now is absorb as many as great story tellers' method of story telling, watch as many movie as possible, read as many book as possible, so I can tell good story as they do.

Without even realizing it, story-telling, has become one of my passion.


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