i'm ending the vlog

Casey Neistat. He is the inspiration for many filmmakers, or ordinary people like me, all over the globe. I saw this 1 comment said that he set the wave, show everyone how to ride it, and ride it himself to the shore. And now, everyone is trying to mimic him in their own way; DSLR with monopod shaped bendy tripod, fancy Rhode mic (some with dead cat on it), time lapse videos, shooting while riding a skateboard, and so on. He set the bar of how to properly vlog, for everyone.

Now, since he is living in NYC, and he daily uploaded his vlog on around 8 in the morning, NYC time, many westerners watch his video first before they start the day. Giving that condition, Casey's vlog often came late in Japan, usually midnight when I already slept, so sometimes when I lucky i watch it before I sleep (around 12 or so), or I watch it the morning after.

On his vlog dated November 18, he announced that he is ending the vlog series (earth crumbles). I knew this from an article came in to Google notification (?) since I couldn't open YouTube at the time. I was prepared to cry when finally I was ready to watch the last vlog, but it isn't Casey if he can't give his viewers some motivation shit until the very last second. He explained the reason why he quit. He said, that the vlog has become too easy on him, it became a routine and there is no longer challenge in it.

Yes I can also sense that, judging from watching his old vlog (from year 2015) it was like so many motivation and Casey's soul in those early episodes of his vlog, compared to recent one. Recently there are just this opening cut scene, jumps to short timelapse, proceed to him getting/being ready to work or skating through busy NYC-Manhattan downtown. And....yeah, that's pretty much of it, unless he got some business going to some places, it will also include plane scenes, and some local panoramic beauty.

Casey, is a man who love challenges, he doesn't like a flat life. He always need to take risk, new risks at some point of his life. He said, "We can't go to the next vine if we hold tight to the current vine we are holding to, we need to let go this vine and take the risk to jump to the next vine." Thus, he let go of vlog, and only God knows what big things he will do next, and I'm so curious of it. He also thought to reduce the frequency of vlog, like only 3 days a week or so, but he realized that, in order to move on, you need to let it go, completely - sort of things.

Now it's been a week, I do miss his vlogs, I miss the routine of waiting he uploads his vlogs, but, life must go on. I believe he will be bigger and bigger, since he is Casey. Many lost his vlogs too, in the latest Samsung's Gear 360 commercial which Casey made with Karlie Kloss, the comment section are filled with people still can't move on from the missing vlogs, and saying that the vlog of making the commercial was better than the commercial itself (well I kinda agree int his one lol).

It is indeed a bummer, but, as his true fans, I will support any decision he makes, and hoping the best of him in future. I got inspired much from his vlogs and his thoughts (although I haven't applied any of it yet), and I'm grateful for ever knowing him.

"The most dangerous thing in life is playing it safe."
Casey Neistat


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