There are times when you make the precious moments, being at the top of the world. But also there are times when you just want to disappear from the world, vanished completely. Those times are needed to make our life sounded like a melody, beautiful to be heard. Like a piano, you can’t just play the white notes and hope for some falsetto voice, you also need to hit that black notes.
But human’s memory are limited, it can’t store that much, it tends to forget. That’s why we record, we write it down, we take photos, so we can revive it when we see those records. We revive the feeling, the emotion, the laughs, the tears, the memories. That’s the beauty of it, the beauty of looking back through the records. 
Will I be forgotten? Will I forget you? Will I ever be there? Will everything come to an end? Will the clock start ticking? Again, so many questions, but less answer I have.


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