HAPPINESS - me digging on it, you should too

Do you like, or believe in vampire?
Do you like darkish themed story?
Can you stand a little bit gore (depends on person) - blood, sadistic scene, and stuff?
Can you be patient to wait the new volume to come out MONTHLY?
Well, I believe those on my blog and who can understand this, I considered them to be adult enough so it should be safe for you to consume (maybe).

Then you're good to go for this - the most epic, dark, 'adventurous' manga I've ever read, HAPPINESS. Don't ever get tricked by the title of the manga, cause (spoiler alert) you will feel depress along your way reading each volume of the manga. The latest volume by March 15 is chapter 26, the new volume will be out each month so, be patient, (soon to be) fellow reader!

Just a little bit of explanation about the mangaka (someone who create the manga), Oshimi Shuzo sensei, he is also the author of Aku no Hana (Evil Flower), Trail of Bloods, and I'm Inside Mari. I already read I'm Inside Mari (the series already finished), and Aku no Hana said to be the best manga Shuzo sensei ever created, but I haven't read the series yet - I'm afraid that it is too wicked and twisted that it can affect me www.

Anyway, check Happiness and if you got some nerve, also check Shuzo sensei's another works. Khe khe khe.


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